Celebrating UN Day on October 24th: A Global Tribute to Peace and Cooperation

UN Day: Marking a Legacy of Peace

On October 24 each year, the world comes together to celebrate United Nations Day (UN Day), a significant date that holds historical and global importance. This day commemorates the founding of the United Nations, an organization dedicated to promoting international cooperation, peace, and human rights.

which day is celebrated on 24 October?

The Birth of the United Nations

UN Charter: A Global Commitment

The origins of UN Day trace back to the signing of the United Nations Charter in 1945. This historic document marked a commitment to create a better world. As the majority of signatories, including the five permanent members of the Security Council, ratified the Charter, the United Nations officially came into existence.

UN Day: A Tradition of Unity

A Legacy Since 1948

The celebration of United Nations Day began in 1948 and has continued ever since. In 1971, the United Nations General Assembly recommended that Member States observe this day as a public holiday, emphasizing its significance in fostering global unity.

UN Day Concert: A Musical Tribute

Harmonizing Global Values

One of the highlights of UN Day is the UN Day Concert, which takes place on October 23rd at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. This concert uses the universal language of music to celebrate and reflect on the work of the UN. It features renowned artists such as the Korean Traditional Music Orchestra, Lang Lang, and the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir. The concert is streamed live, allowing people around the world to join in the celebration.

‘Turn the World UN Blue’: A Global Symbol of Unity

Illuminating the World in Blue

To unite global citizens and promote the UN’s message of peace, development, and human rights, iconic monuments, buildings, statues, bridges, and other landmarks worldwide are illuminated in blue on October 24th. This symbolic gesture underscores the importance of international cooperation and solidarity. To discover which landmarks are participating, you can visit the United Nations blog for photos and updates.

Art Installation ‘Enlightened Universe’: A Tribute to 70 Years

Sculpting History in Central Park

In Manhattan, New York, on October 24th, celebrated artist Cristobal Gabarron unveils his monumental work, ‘Enlightened Universe,’ in Central Park. This interactive sculpture consists of a sphere encircled by a spiral of 70 figures, each representing one of the 70 years since the UN’s establishment. This art installation serves as a visual representation of the organization’s enduring commitment to global peace and cooperation.

A Global Legacy of Peace and Cooperation

UN70 Website: Explore the Events

These celebrations are a testament to the United Nations’ enduring legacy of peace and cooperation. As the world grapples with complex challenges, the UN continues to be a beacon of hope, working tirelessly to address global issues. To find detailed information about all the UN Day events and explore the organization’s remarkable journey over the past 70 years, visit the UN70 Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is United Nations Day (UN Day)?

  • United Nations Day is observed on October 24th each year to commemorate the anniversary of the United Nations’ founding in 1945.

2. What is the significance of the United Nations Charter in UN Day celebrations?

  • The United Nations Charter, signed in 1945, is a symbol of global commitment to cooperation, peace, and human rights, making it a central theme of UN Day.

3. How does the world celebrate UN Day?

  • UN Day is celebrated through various events, including the UN Day Concert, the ‘Turn the World UN Blue’ initiative, art installations, and more, all of which promote the UN’s mission of peace and cooperation.

4. Why is ‘Turn the World UN Blue’ important?

  • ‘Turn the World UN Blue’ is a symbolic gesture that illuminates iconic landmarks in blue to promote the UN’s message of peace, development, and human rights, fostering global unity.

5. What is the ‘Enlightened Universe’ art installation in Central Park?

  • The ‘Enlightened Universe’ art installation in Central Park, created by artist Cristobal Gabarron, consists of a sphere surrounded by 70 figures, each representing a year since the UN’s establishment. It symbolizes the UN’s commitment to global peace and cooperation.

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