15 August 2023 On 77th Independence day history of Chandrashekhar Azad

On the 77th Independence Day on August 15, 2023, India fondly remembers the brave and fearless revolutionary, Chandrashekhar Azad, who played a significant role in the freedom movement.

Azad, a charismatic leader, was a prominent member of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) and worked alongside Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries.

He earned the nickname "Azad" (meaning "free") as a testament to his determination to liberate India from British rule.

Known for his exceptional marksmanship and strategic acumen, Azad evaded capture by the British authorities for a considerable period.

He led several acts of rebellion against the British, with his most notable contribution being the Kakori Conspiracy, a train robbery to fund the revolutionary activities.

Chandrashekhar Azad's devotion to the cause of freedom, even in the face of imminent danger, inspired countless Indians to join the struggle for independence.

Though he ultimately met a heroic end during an encounter with the British police at Alfred Park (now Chandrashekhar Azad Park) in Allahabad, his legacy as a symbol of valor and sacrifice lives on, motivating future generations to cherish the hard-fought freedom of the nation.

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