15 August 2023 Independence  Journey From 1947 to 2023 How we developed and are still more devolving as a nation. 

Building a Democratic Nation: Since independence, India has successfully maintained its status as the world's largest democracy. The country has held regular elections, enabling citizens to exercise their right to vote and participate in the decision-making process.

Economic Progress and Liberalization: In the early 1990s, India initiated economic reforms, liberalizing its economy and encouraging foreign investments. This led to significant economic growth, making India one of the fastest-growing major economies globally.

Technological Advancements: India's journey has been marked by significant advancements in technology and innovation. The country has become a global leader in the IT industry, with a thriving technology sector and a booming startup ecosystem.

Space Exploration Milestones: India has achieved remarkable milestones in space exploration. Organizations like ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) have launched numerous successful missions, including Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan, showcasing India's capabilities in space technology.

Social Progress and Empowerment: India has made strides in improving social indicators and promoting inclusivity. Various schemes and initiatives have been launched to uplift marginalized communities, provide education and healthcare access, and empower women.

Nuclear Power and Peaceful Coexistence: Despite being a nuclear power, India has consistently adhered to a policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons and emphasized peaceful coexistence with other nations. India has played an active role in global disarmament efforts.

Cultural Heritage and Soft Power: India's cultural heritage, including art, music, dance, literature, and yoga, has left a significant impact on the world. Bollywood, Indian cuisine, and traditional practices have contributed to India's soft power and global recognition.