15 August 2023 Independence day: Planning For the Future and United India.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advancement: On August 15, 2023, India reaffirms its commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The agenda focuses on accelerating progress in areas such as poverty eradication, quality education, clean energy, gender equality, and environmental conservation.

Digital India 2.0: Building on the success of the Digital India initiative, the agenda for 2023 aims to further boost digital infrastructure and expand internet connectivity to every corner of the country. The goal is to leverage technology for governance, education, healthcare, and financial inclusion.

Green India Initiative: India pledges to intensify efforts towards environmental sustainability with the Green India initiative. This involves massive afforestation drives, conservation of biodiversity, and adoption of eco-friendly practices to combat climate change and ensure a greener future.

Healthcare for All: The agenda focuses on strengthening India's healthcare system to provide accessible and affordable healthcare for all citizens. Investments in healthcare infrastructure, medical research, and disease prevention are prioritized to enhance the nation's overall well-being.

Education Reforms: India aims to revamp its education system, emphasizing skill development, technology integration, and holistic learning. The agenda seeks to empower the youth with quality education to equip them for a rapidly evolving world.

Startup and Innovation Boost: In 2023, India continues to foster its startup ecosystem and promote innovation through various policies and incentives. The agenda aims to create a conducive environment for entrepreneurship and support the growth of new-age businesses.

International Cooperation: India seeks to strengthen its diplomatic ties and collaborations with other nations. The agenda focuses on engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships, promoting peace, and contributing to global problem-solving efforts.