Someone Changed My Apple ID Phone Number: Your Apple ID Phone Number and Secure Your Account

Someone Changed My Apple ID Phone Number, In this digital age, where our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, keeping our online accounts secure is of utmost importance. One vital account that needs safeguarding is our Apple ID. Your Apple ID not only grants you access to various Apple services but also holds sensitive personal information. One common issue users face is when their Apple ID phone number is changed without their consent, leaving them vulnerable to potential security breaches. In this article, we will guide you through the process of updating your Apple ID phone number and ensuring the security of your account.

Why is Your Apple ID Phone Number Important?

Before we delve into the solution, let’s understand the significance of your Apple ID phone number. Your phone number serves as a primary point of contact for Apple to communicate with you regarding your account, password recovery, and important notifications. It acts as an additional layer of security, as Apple may send verification codes to this number to confirm your identity during logins or changes to account settings.

The Issue: Unauthorized Apple ID Phone Number Change

If you suspect that your Apple ID phone number has been changed without your permission, it’s crucial to act swiftly to regain control of your account. Unauthorized changes can lead to data breaches, loss of personal information, and potential financial risks. Follow the steps below to rectify the situation and ensure the security of your Apple ID.

Step-by-Step Guide to Update Your Apple ID Phone Number

Step 1: Accessing Apple ID Settings

The first step is to open the “Settings” app on your iOS device. Look for your name or Apple ID at the top of the screen and tap on it.

Step 2: Selecting “Password & Security”

Within the Apple ID settings, locate and select “Password & Security.” This section manages all your account security settings.

Step 3: Verifying Your Identity(Someone Changed My Apple ID Phone Number)

To proceed with any changes, Apple requires you to verify your identity. You may be prompted to enter your current Apple ID password or answer security questions associated with your account.

Step 4: Choosing “Edit” for Trusted Phone Numbers

Under the “Security” section, find “Trusted Phone Numbers” and select “Edit.” This will allow you to manage your trusted phone numbers.

Step 5: Removing Unauthorized Phone Numbers

Once you are in the “Trusted Phone Numbers” section, look for any phone numbers that you don’t recognize or haven’t added. Remove these unauthorized numbers immediately by selecting “Delete.”

Step 6: Adding Your Correct Phone Number

After removing any unauthorized numbers, tap on “Add a Trusted Phone Number.” Enter your correct and current phone number, then click “Send” to receive a verification code.

Step 7: Verifying the New Phone Number(Someone Changed My Apple ID Phone Number)

Enter the verification code you received on your newly added phone number. This step confirms that you have access to the phone number and allows Apple to link it to your account securely.

Step 8: Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

To provide an extra layer of security, enable Two-Factor Authentication in the “Password & Security” settings. This feature adds an additional verification step during logins and certain account changes.

Step 9: Regularly Reviewing Account Activity

To ensure the continued security of your Apple ID, make it a habit to review your account activity periodically. Keep an eye out for any suspicious login attempts or unrecognized actions.

Step 10: Contacting Apple Support

If you encounter any issues during the process or suspect unauthorized access, reach out to Apple Support immediately. They will guide you through any additional steps needed to secure your account.


Securing your Apple ID is essential in protecting your personal data and digital assets. In case your Apple ID phone number is changed without your consent, following the steps above will help you regain control of your account and prevent potential security risks. Remember to review your account regularly and stay vigilant against any suspicious activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change my Apple ID phone number from a different device? Yes, you can access your Apple ID settings from any iOS device or through the Apple ID website on a computer to make changes.
  2. How often should I review my Apple ID account activity? It is advisable to review your account activity at least once a month to detect any unauthorized access promptly.
  3. Is Two-Factor Authentication necessary for Apple ID security? Enabling Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security and is highly recommended.
  4. Can I have multiple trusted phone numbers linked to my Apple ID? Yes, you can add multiple trusted phone numbers to your Apple ID account for added convenience.
  5. What other security measures can I take to protect my Apple ID? Apart from Two-Factor Authentication, using a strong and unique password for your Apple ID and enabling features like Face ID or Touch ID adds extra protection.

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