Home, Smart Home: Millennials Revolutionizing India’s Real-Estate Market

India’s Real-Estate Market

In the dynamic landscape of India’s real-estate market, a powerful force is reshaping the industry – the millennials. This generation, more than any before, is attuned to global standards, making them highly discerning and demanding consumers. Their influence on the market is undeniable, as they seek not just a place to live but a comprehensive … Read more

Exploring the Value of Alternative Investment Funds in Your Portfolio

Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) have emerged as a significant component in the portfolios of many high net worth individuals (HNI) and family offices. According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), AIFs have raised an impressive total amount of ₹8.3 trillion as of 31st March. Despite being a relatively new asset class, the … Read more

Steps to Earn Passive Income from Real Estate, According to an 89-Year-Old Who Did It

Real estate investment has long been recognized as a lucrative avenue for generating passive income. The idea of earning money while you sleep is appealing to many individuals seeking financial independence. However, venturing into the realm of real estate can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the field. To shed light on this topic, … Read more

Windmill Takes Real Estate Dreams to New Heights: It Can Be Yours for $825,000

Real Estate Dreams to New Heights, Have you ever dreamt of living in a unique and historic property that stands tall and proud, overlooking a picturesque town? The Maud Foster Windmill is a true gem that can turn your real estate dreams into reality. With over 200 years of history and an impressive height of … Read more

US Commercial Real Estate: A Slow Road to Recovery

In recent years, the US commercial real estate (CRE) sector has experienced a deepening downturn, with a potential recovery that seems distant and uncertain. The decline in the value of office buildings, coupled with the growing trend of remote work and high interest rates, has led economists to predict that the sector may not fully … Read more