Ambitions of Hamas Commander Mahmoud Al-Zahar

In the midst of the Israel-Gaza conflict, Hamas commander Mahmoud Al-Zahar warns the world has been shaken by a chilling revelation from Hamas Commander Mahmoud al-Zahar. A video clip featuring this senior Hamas official has gone viral, capturing the attention of the global audience. In this video, he boldly declares that their aspirations go far beyond Israel. Their sights are set on nothing less than global dominance. This unsettling message arrives at a time when Israel has declared a full-blown war against Hamas in response to a shocking weekend attack that claimed the lives of hundreds of Israelis.

Israel: Only the First Target

Al-Zahar’s words are unambiguous and spine-chilling: “Israel is only the first target. The entire planet will be under our law.” This audacious claim is a declaration of intent to extend their influence to every corner of the globe. This revelation has raised eyebrows and triggered alarm bells around the world.

Hamas commander Mahmoud Al-Zahar warns A World Under Their Rule

Hamas, through Al-Zahar, envisions a world encompassing all 510 million square kilometers of Planet Earth, where injustice, oppression, killings, and crimes against humanity, as seen in Palestine and Arab countries, will be eradicated. This vision encompasses a system that upholds justice and humanity, fostering a world free from the atrocities witnessed in these regions.

The Israeli Response to Mahmoud Al-Zahar

In the wake of this video’s circulation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded with a firm commitment to continue the battle against Hamas. He stated unequivocally that every member of the Palestinian group is “a dead man.” Drawing a startling comparison, he declared, “Hamas is Daesh (the Islamic State group).

Tensions Escalate

The conflict has escalated to dire levels, with Hamas operatives holding Israeli soldiers and civilians hostage. They have issued a chilling threat to execute a captive for every home in Gaza hit without warning by Israel. Despite these threats, there has been no indication that Hamas has carried out these executions.

Unity Amid Chaos

Israel, in response to the intensifying situation, has established an emergency unity government. This unity government comprises Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former Defense Minister Benny Gantz, both working together in a war cabinet. This move is in preparation for a potential ground offensive against Hamas in the Palestinian coastal strip.

The Battle Rages On

Prime Minister Netanyahu, in a poignant address, emphasized the severity of the situation by likening Hamas to ISIS. He recounted some of the horrific acts committed on a recent Saturday, including the burning of people alive. Netanyahu stressed that every Israeli family has been directly impacted by these attacks.

A United Front

The Israeli people have rallied together, displaying unprecedented unity and support for their nation. World leaders have voiced their solidarity with Israel, making it clear that they stand with the nation during these turbulent times. Israel has taken an offensive stance, with the prime minister emphasizing, “Every member of Hamas is a dead man.”

A Collective Stand

In these trying times, Israel’s citizens and leaders have come together, declaring, “We are all one; we are all enlisting; we have all enlisted in the fight.” Benny Gantz, echoing this sentiment, reinforced that there is only one camp, the camp of the Nation of Israel. This partnership is not a political one but a bond of fate.

A Glimpse of the Humanitarian Crisis

While the conflict rages on, the people of Gaza are grappling with a severe humanitarian crisis. Most of the 2.3 million inhabitants have been left without electricity and water. With a relentless barrage of Israeli strikes on their tiny enclave, they have nowhere to escape. The only border they share with Egypt remains closed, leaving the people of Gaza trapped in a dire situation.


The ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict has reached an alarming crescendo, with Hamas Commander Mahmoud al-Zahar’s declaration of global ambitions. As the conflict intensifies, Israel responds with unwavering determination to combat Hamas. Amidst these tumultuous times, unity prevails among the Israeli people, and world leaders extend their support.

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