14 September is celebrated as in Hindi: India’s Linguistic Heritage

14 September is celebrated as in Hindi, Is a momentous occasion that resonates throughout the nation, signifying the celebration of the Hindi language. In a diverse country like India, where an array of languages and cultural practices thrive, Hindi binds the populace together. With approximately 77% of the population conversant in Hindi, and its position as the third most spoken language worldwide, the significance of this day transcends borders. Let’s delve into the history and essence of Hindi Diwas, understanding why this date holds such importance.

The Historical Essence of Hindi Diwas

A Mark of Recognition

The inception of Hindi Diwas can be traced back to a pivotal moment in India’s post-independence history. On September 14, 1949, Hindi was bestowed with the honor of being declared the official language of the Dominion of India. This historic step was taken to uplift the status of Hindi and promote its prevalence across the nation.

The Symbolism of September 14th

September 14th was chosen as the designated day for Hindi Diwas due to the insightful selection made by India’s former Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This decision was a precursor to acknowledging the profound role of Hindi in fostering a sense of unity and connection among the diverse linguistic groups of the country.

A Linguistic Transformation

From Rajbhasha to Rastra Bhasha

The journey of making Hindi the Rajbhasha (official language) of India was not devoid of challenges. After enduring 200 years of British colonial rule, India grappled with the question of selecting a language that could unify its multilingual populace. Amidst this diversity, Hindi emerged as the chosen language due to its intrinsic cultural and linguistic richness. The Constitution of India further solidified this decision, specifying Hindi and the Devanagari script as the Rastra Bhasha (national language).

Linguistic Evolution

The struggle for linguistic recognition was a complex endeavor, culminating in the recognition of Hindi as a language that transcended regional boundaries. The language seamlessly integrated itself into the lives of millions, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and unity.

Celebrating Hindi Diwas

A Week-long Celebration

Hindi Diwas is not a fleeting moment; it’s a week-long celebration known as “Hindi Pakhwada.” Educational institutions, including colleges and schools, commemorate this occasion with a series of events and competitions that highlight the linguistic prowess of students.

Honoring Linguistic Excellence

The festivities culminate in the conferment of the “Bhasha Samman Puraskar” (Language Honor Award) on September 14th. This award acknowledges individuals and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the promotion and preservation of the Hindi language.


Hindi Diwas, observed on September 14th, stands as a tribute to the linguistic tapestry that weaves the diverse cultures of India into a unified whole. It commemorates the historic decision to honor Hindi as the Rajbhasha and Rastra Bhasha, resonating with the nation’s commitment to linguistic diversity and cultural unity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Hindi Diwas celebrated on September 14th?

Hindi Diwas is observed on September 14th to commemorate the historic decision of declaring Hindi as the official and national language of India. This date signifies the unifying essence of the Hindi language.

2. What role did Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru play in Hindi Diwas?

Former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru played a crucial role in designating September 14th as Hindi Diwas. His foresight recognized the significance of Hindi in fostering unity among India’s linguistic diversity.

3. How does Hindi Diwas contribute to linguistic unity?

Hindi Diwas celebrates the recognition of Hindi as a unifying language that transcends regional boundaries. It serves as a reminder of the linguistic diversity embraced under the umbrella of Hindi.

4. What is “Hindi Pakhwada”?

“Hindi Pakhwada” is a week-long celebration of Hindi Diwas in educational institutions. It encompasses a range of events and competitions that promote linguistic excellence among students.

5. What is the significance of the “Bhasha Samman Puraskar”?

The “Bhasha Samman Puraskar” is an esteemed award conferred on September 14th, recognizing individuals and institutions that have made exceptional contributions to the promotion and preservation of the Hindi language.

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