World Wrap: The Foreign Press On The Indian Elections

World Wrap: The Foreign Press On The Indian Electionsfeatured

The world is watching as India goes to the polls, even as the country’s political parties and pundits continue to unleash a bewildering mix of news, rhetoric and rumor. The foreign press too is not just keeping up, but probing deeper. The result is a variety of stories that range from commentary and analysis, to reporting on the ground.

We bring you a weekly roundup of the best stories on India in the international press, chosen from several foreign (including our neighbors’) newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. Let us know what you think of our suggestions!

UPDATED ON April 27, 2014


 On Al Jazeera, Bijoyeta Das reports on how the ongoing elections in India-administered Kashmir are being afflicted by several pro-Independence parties calling for a boycott among voters. .


Based on how the entire political machinery around Narendra Modi is conspicuously devoid of female presences, a feature in Quartz questions several urban, working women voters around India about what they think of the prime ministerial candidate. In another longer narrative piece titled ‘A Democracy of Emotion’, Thane Richards chronicles the experiences of voting on Election Day across several constituencies in Mumbai, one of India’s biggest financial cities.


In an op-ed for the Pakistani publication Dawn, Sanjay Sharma weighs in on BJP candidate Giriraj Singh’s recent comments about sending Modi critics to Pakistan, and how an anti-Pakistan and anti-minority narrative such as this contributes to the further vitiating of ties between the two countries.


In the opinion pages of The New York Times, Sonora Jha explores how the high spate of suicides amongst India’s farmers intersects with politics, especially during election season. Jha’s editorial elaborates that for the first time, with the addition of the ‘None of the Above’ ballot option, dissatisfied farmers finally have an outlet to reject politicians clamoring for votes.

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