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VIDEO | Voices from the Neighborhoodfeatured

A new government in New Delhi, as decided by the ongoing elections, will have an impact beyond just India. Who leads the region’s biggest power – and how he, or she, leads it – will have implications for those in the neighborhood.

Over the next few weeks, The 545 will bring you voices from around the Indian subcontinent.

We begin with Pakistan. Beena Sarwar is a Pakistani journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is the editor of Aman ki Asha, an India-Pakistan peace initiative of the Jang Group and Times of India. We interviewed her to understand what a new government in India might mean for Pakistan.

Devjyot Ghoshal is a professional deadline beater and a multimedia journalist. Currently, he spends time attending lectures at the Columbia Journalism School. He argues with random people @devjyotghoshal 

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