The Players In The Game: Breaking Down The Voter’s Options

The Players In The Game: Breaking Down The Voter’s Optionsfeatured

An electorate of 780 million. Over 200 political parties, but four major players that really matter. Even among them, argues the Carnegie Endowment  for International Peace’s Milan Vaishnav, there is little coherent economic strategy.

Neither the BJP nor the Congress have shown a long-term vision for the economy; the AAP is yet untested; and the Third Front cannot provide any reassurance for a return to steady economic growth either. Cutting through the rhetoric, here is what India’s electorate must choose from, explained in four simple infographs:

“Who, us?”


“Trust us”


“You, not us”


“Anyone but them”

3rd Front_Fact

SOURCE: Adapted, with permission, from Milan Vaishnav’s piece titled ‘Empty Economics’.

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