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The Campaign Lens: Madurai’s Transgender Candidate Kannamma

The Campaign Lens: Madurai’s Transgender Candidate Kannammafeatured

I met transgender activist and independent Lok Sabha candidate Bharati Kannamma in Madurai last Wednesday, the day after the Supreme Court of India officially recognized transgender individuals as the country’s ‘third gender’. Kannamma is a highly educated and popular figure, and is known for her social service to people living below the poverty line. It Read more

The Campaign Lens: Arvind Kejriwal

The Campaign Lens: Arvind Kejriwalfeatured

Amidst politicians grandstanding at rallies and endless television debates, the truth about India’s elections is often forgotten. Convincing over 800 million people to vote one way or the other involves millions of supporters, thousands of miles on the road and hundreds of hours spent campaigning from door-to-door, neighborhood-to-neighborhood. Over the next few weeks, photojournalist Nitya Read more