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The Campaign Lens: Varun Gandhi

The Campaign Lens: Varun Gandhifeatured

“Your village is so small, I normally would not have visited this place,” said Varun Gandhi. The BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate from Sultanpur and sitting MP from Pilibhit, UP, was speaking to a gathering of about 100 people while campaigning in a village in Sultanpur. “I am going to win whether or not you vote Read more

The Campaign Lens: Narendra Modi

The Campaign Lens: Narendra Modifeatured

T hroughout my travels, I had been looking closely for signs of the ‘Modi wave’. I finally saw it on the day that Narendra Modi filed his nomination as the BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate from Varanasi. I had never witnessed a sea of humanity such as the one I saw standing at Mint House that Read more

The Campaign Lens : Shashi Tharoor

The Campaign Lens : Shashi Tharoorfeatured

I made these pictures in March 2014 while observing Shashi Tharoor on his campaign trail in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, where the diplomat-turned-politican is making a bid for re-election. In the last five years, Tharoor’s life has changed dramatically. He has had to overcome painful losses both in his public and private life. Watching him brave the Read more

BJP “Needs To” Allow FDI In Retail | Q&A with Jagdish Bhagwati

BJP “Needs To” Allow FDI In Retail | Q&A with Jagdish Bhagwatifeatured

Jagdish Bhagwati is University Professor of Economics, Law, and International Affairs at Columbia University and among India’s most eminent economists. In recent years, the Mumbai-born, Cambridge-educated academic has been broadly supportive of fellow Gujarati prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. The 545 recently interviewed him to ask how he sees India’s economic model changing in the Read more

Why Do Indians Vote?

Why Do Indians Vote?featured

This post originally appeared on the India At LSE blog As voting begins in national elections in the world’s largest democracy, LSE academics Mukulika Banerjee and Sumantra Bose debate why Indians vote, how this election will differ from previous ones, and what other democracies can learn from India. Mukulika Banerjee: The voter turnouts during the most Read more