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The Campaign Lens: Gul Panag

The Campaign Lens: Gul Panagfeatured

How can you cover an election in India without meeting at least one actor on the campaign trail? So much has been said and written about celebrities in Parliament — and whether or not they contribute to the quality of governance — that I felt it was important to follow at least one to try Read more

The Campaign Lens: Arvind Kejriwal

The Campaign Lens: Arvind Kejriwalfeatured

Amidst politicians grandstanding at rallies and endless television debates, the truth about India’s elections is often forgotten. Convincing over 800 million people to vote one way or the other involves millions of supporters, thousands of miles on the road and hundreds of hours spent campaigning from door-to-door, neighborhood-to-neighborhood. Over the next few weeks, photojournalist Nitya Read more

Parlia-mental: The Truth About Being Arvind Kejriwal

Parlia-mental: The Truth About Being Arvind Kejriwalfeatured

Political satire is a serious thing, and as political scientist Dr. Paul Parker once remarked, “The political cartoonist is not necessarily bound by the same ethical standards as journalists.” In the run-up to the elections, The 545 will bring to you a weekly comic from Nishant Jain, giving us his irreverent take on our politicians Read more

The Obamafication Of Indian Political Campaigns

The Obamafication Of Indian Political Campaignsfeatured

This post originally appeared on the India At LSE blog During his visit to Hyderabad in September last year, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi chanted US President Barack Obama’s 2008 rallying cry, ‘Yes We Can’, in a public meeting. This was the most striking example to date of the Obamafication of Indian political campaigns. Read more

The Players In The Game: Breaking Down The Voter’s Options

The Players In The Game: Breaking Down The Voter’s Optionsfeatured

An electorate of 780 million. Over 200 political parties, but four major players that really matter. Even among them, argues the Carnegie Endowment  for International Peace’s Milan Vaishnav, there is little coherent economic strategy. Neither the BJP nor the Congress have shown a long-term vision for the economy; the AAP is yet untested; and the Read more

In His Own Tweets: Arvind Kejriwal’s 49 Days In Power

In His Own Tweets: Arvind Kejriwal’s 49 Days In Powerfeatured

In the 49 days that he was Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal tweeted just 39 times. But — perhaps more than any other Indian politician — he used Twitter to voice his opinions, announce policy, level allegations and, eventually, hint at his resignation. Here is a recap of Kejriwal’s short-lived term, 140 characters at a Read more