72 “system”, 51 “party”, 24 “riots”: The Rahul Gandhi Interview In Numbers

72 “system”, 51 “party”, 24 “riots”: The Rahul Gandhi Interview In Numbersfeatured

It took 10 years for Rahul Gandhi to sit down for a television interview. And when he did talk to Times Now’s Arnab Goswami for about 120 minutes last month, the Congress Party’s prime ministerial candidate had surprisingly little to say. Gandhi hemmed and hawed through a set of seemingly badly-memorized answers to leave the Indian public (and many members of his own party) in a state of collective facepalm.

But here’s what the nation really wants to know: How many times did Rahul Gandhi actually say “system”? 72 times, to be precise, including eight times each while answering two questions. Yes, we analyzed the entire interview!

What’s more worrying is that the man who could become India’s next Prime Minister only used the word “economy” once. And the Congress vice-president who claims to have spent years working with younger members of his party only spoke of the “youth” five times. Of course, Arnab Goswami couldn’t stop talking about Narendra Modi, bringing up the name of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate 27 times. A demure Gandhi, however, said “Modi” only twice.

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